Presentation Skills

CentreStage’s bespoke presentation skills workshop, ‘Powerful Presenting’, is a dynamic, solutions-focussed course for teams, small groups and individuals. Tailored to your needs, the programme explores the building of cogent messages with particular attention to the non-verbal and vocal delivery of those messages.

Workshops are lead by one of our experienced facilitators, whose backgrounds and areas of expertise span communication skills, the performing arts and business practice, and who have a track record in delivering presentation skills training to global clients including Cable and Wireless, PepsiCo and British American Tobacco.

The workshop is a stimulating combination of theory and practical. As you would expect from CentreStage, we focus heavily on the delivery skills of your team to create consistently great presentation performers. Our expert facilitator will guide you through the principles of creating impact through your presentations, from the opening content to a dynamic close.  The day encourages practical delivery and promotes constructive feedback providing each delegate with a solid plan for on-going development and the sharing of improvement throughout your organisation.

Our workshop is different because it is solution based every step of the way. We don’t just tell you what you need to do, we tell you how to do it, give the necessary tools and let you practice it until you get it right!

Each workshop involves at least four practical opportunities. Typically the day will start with a presentation delivery and the feedback from which used as the basis for development for each individual for the rest of the workshop. Delivery skills exercises around voice and body language all involve practical delivery both to the team, plus and in small groups and the opportunity to hone the delivery of the presentation opening and close – two vital elements in message communication and creating a lasting impression.

Delegates will leave the workshop with a comprehensive understanding of what to do to create a powerful presentation and how to deliver it with impact in their own style.  Each person will develop an awareness of their weaknesses and be equipped with tools to perfect these on an on-going basis. In addition we pride ourselves on the open and safe environments our workshops create to encourage on-going support and feedback between colleagues.