Driving Success Through Leadership

Driving Success Through Leadership

Since January 2015 CentreStage has been working with one of the UK’s largest and most successful car manufacturers, which over the last three years has invested heavily in supporting its managers to deliver inspirational leadership and ensure sustainable growth.

As part of its employee engagement strategy, the organisation conducted a survey of managers from across the business and from the results sought to create a development programme that would respond better to the needs of its workforce.

The survey showed that managers wanted the ability to personalise their learning journey with a modular programme, where they could select areas for their own development. They wanted interventions which were shorter, more focused and a better match to their specific needs.

The result was a programme encompassing over 60 courses aimed at multiple levels of management within the organisation, covering a wide spectrum of skills areas from soft skills through to harder skills like Financial Management.

The emphasis for all courses is to have innovative and engaging methods of delivery, allowing people to learn by doing. Live training events (1 or 2 day courses) are fast paced, energetic and dynamic, designed to re-create situations managers find themselves in on a daily basis, which is where CentreStage comes in.

For over a year, CentreStage has provided actors for over 30 different courses within the programme, contributing experiential interventions such acted simulations, one-to-one role-play and forum theatre sessions.

The results are pretty impressive. In 2014/15, over 15,000 delegates attended a course, with 94% saying they achieved their personal development objectives and are more effective in their role.

Employee engagement results have improved in every measure in the last 18 months, while there’s been a significant improvement (10%) in the perception of employees that there are more development opportunities available to them and that they feel that they are getting the training they need.

The programme has been recognised in two leading industry awards, including the CIPD Awards.

The programme continues to be rolled out today, and since early 2015, CentreStage has developed an ever-growing pool of experienced professional role-players to support it.

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