Berkshire Healthcare – Suicide Prevention

Berkshire Healthcare – Suicide Prevention

In May, CentreStage begin supporting a new strategy for Suicide Prevention training for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The training is aimed at raising awareness across the workforce, and improving the quality of care the Trust offers for people at risk of suicide.

Recent research suggests that 70% of people contemplating suicide are not in touch with mental heath services. This can be because many of them don’t actually have mental health problems. It can also be because people don’t know how to access the service, or because rigid referral criteria results in people being bounced between different parts of the NHS.

The ongoing programme, to be delivered at three different levels, focuses on up-skilling staff across the organisation, from administration staff to ‘Crisis Teams’, and in most cases includes live actor sessions, giving delegates the chance to conduct face to face risk assessments and safety plans.

The level three training, a 9 week course delivered specifically for crisis workers, is offered at academic Level 6 and 7 with university accreditation. For this course, CentreStage actors will play service user characters in crisis: the course participants will be assessed on their crisis resolution skills used during these simulated interventions.

For a list of NHS-recommended sources of support for people contemplating suicide, visit:

For NHS support on offering support to those who are suicidal, visit:

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