England 2022: Yes or No?

Breaking News: Following an extraordinary meeting of FIFA’s Executive and Ethics Committees, Qatar has been stripped of the right to host the 2022 World Cup Finals.

It’s a headline that just about sounds plausible, given the controversy and criminal investigations surrounding FIFA’s top brass. But the ‘live’ news bulletin is in fact the first part of our latest team-building workshop, developed with our friends at Lane4. Suitable for groups of between 10 and 100, the fast moving simulation immerses delegates in the murky world of politics, tasked as an independent committee with deciding whether England should accept FIFA’s last-ditch offer to host the Finals in place of Qatar.

Drip-fed information in the form of government reports, memos rolling news bulletins and even tweets, participants must work together whilst considering a broad range of political ‘hot potatoes’; energy, the environment, international relations, transport links, infrastructure. And to make it even more real, participants can meet with a range of key stakeholders; Government ministers, environmental lobbyists and even a Qatari Ambassador, who may or may not be amenable, and may or may not choose to share key information.

The simulation ends with a lively TV debate in which representatives must justify decisions under the glare of the studio cameras!

CentreStage and Lane4 have run this fast-moving, engaging workshop many times to universally excellent feedback. To find out more, get in touch!

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