Diversity Awareness

CentreStage’s diversity workshop is for groups of twenty or more. It explores the issues of diversity in your organisation and provides a forum in which those issues can be discussed openly and honestly.

The workshop has been run successfully for many organisations, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. To a great extent, that is because the workshop is designed to engage and involve delegates from start to finish. In addition, theatre, while portraying fictional characters in fictional situations, is designed to provoke an emotional response from its audience about issues that are very real to them. This is what makes it such a powerful learning experience.

The workshop combines scripted scenes, forum theatre and group discussions, designed to explore the key themes.

Diversity Awareness v4

The objectives of the workshop:

Enable learners to deal sensitively with instances of discrimination, either as a victim or as a colleague/manager.

Promote empathy and understanding, both of the effects of discrimination and the possible reasons for it, as well as promote tolerance and acceptance of difference.

Enhance Communication by enabling people to talk about the issues related to diversity which affect them. Assumptions, preconceptions and a lack of knowledge and understanding can all lead to instances of unintentional discrimination, but with communication comes an understanding that what one person regards as prejudice may not necessarily be regarded as prejudice by others.

Enhance understanding of the effects of the barriers of discrimination and oppression on others.

We work with you to tailor the workshop to your organisation and your people.