Carry On Appraising!

3C Performance Management Specialists have created an interactive workshop that takes managers through ‘a year in a day’ of managing performance!

Why do we like a good novel? Or soap opera? What is it that keeps us coming back for more? The plot, perhaps, a juicy murder or sordid affair? More than anything else, it’s having characters you care about. And that’s part of the secret of the success of 3C’s latest management skills workshop, Carry On Appraising, which uses a series of video clips, email trails and assorted collateral to immerse delegates in the world of Alex – a chap trying to do his job – and his colleague, Sam.

It’s their relationship, and the fall out from it, that forms the basis of the ‘Carry On’, and what starts out as a minor issue between them develops, from scene to scene, into a major performance challenge. At every stage, delegates are invited to intervene, and to try addressing the performance issues.  And the longer they leave it the worse it gets! The day culminates in delegates giving both team members an appraisal.

One of the key aims of the workshop is to draw delegates into the reality of managing performance all year round, not just at appraisal time. Other learning includes dealing with performance issues before they become a major challenge, understanding the difference between coaching and performance conversations and operational 1-2-1s, as well as effective questioning, listening and feedback skills.

We were delighted to be asked by 3C to provide the video element for the workshop, and given a tight timeframe undertook a complete production service, including casting, location, direction, filming and editing. And what’s been interesting from the early workshops is how much participants care about the characters. It’s that emotional investment in the story they see unfold that makes the workshop so effective and unique. Because if delegates know a Sam or Alex in real life, it’s far easier for them to transfer learning from workshop to workplace.

David Hancox, CFO at Structa LLP, says of Carry On Appraising “Even in the early days of the programme, 3C have had a big impact on how we think about and manage performance.  The interactive development sessions for all managers and introduction of core competencies have really opened our eyes to how we can keep our highly skilled workforce engaged and motivated.”

If you would like to talk to 3C Associates about Carry On Appraising, you can email or phone +44 (0)1491 411544.

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