About Us

CentreStage Directors

Welcome to CentreStage. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping organisations develop and engage with their people. We’re leaders in the use of role-play, real-play, forum theatre and scripted theatre to bring learning to life, to create learning interventions that are powerful and fun.

Bringing together a national network of highly skilled, professional actors, role-players and behavioural coaches, we combine expertise in theatre and experiential learning, knowledge of the business world and an extensive understanding of behavioural/personality models such as Insights, Transactional Analysis, Situational Leadership and Myers Briggs.

We provide the role-play element for assessment and development centres, including the facilitation of group feedback, and bring theory to life, whether it be coaching, talent management, feedback skills, handling conflict, leadership or influencing skills. That may mean demonstrating techniques or models, or giving delegates one-to-one time to practice with an actor.

We work with a range of public and private organisations, sometimes directly, sometimes in partnership with other learning providers, and pride ourselves on developing lasting, rewarding working relationships.

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